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September Illuminous Studio Free Download: Prague Charles Bridge in Fog Phone Wallpaper


Each month, Illuminous Studio loves to offer free content. Throughout September 2022, Illuminous Studio is offering our iconic image, exclusive to Illuminous Studio, Prague Charles Bridge in Fog in black and white as a free phone wallpaper download.

We don’t know about you, but phone backgrounds and cases are some of our favorite ways to change things up. Phone wallpaper is a fun, easy way to have a new image as part of our everyday lives. That’s what Illuminous Studio is all about – bringing beauty into everyday life.

How do I get my free phone wallpaper, you might ask?

Simply click the file name / Download below.

Like what you see?

The photograph in September’s Illuminous Studio free download was captured in the month of October, when the fog creeps down the Vltava River in the morning. This photograph is reminiscent of the late famed Czech photographer, Josef Sudek‘s work, and is featured in museums, a book cover, a fashion catalog, and in private collections.

This photograph is the perfect gift for the traveler in your life. Click here to find Prague Charles Bridge in Fog in wall canvas, phone cases, drinkware, and more.

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Illuminous Studio September 2022 free download: Prague Charles Bridge in Fog phone wallpaper