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Photos from NYC

A posting of photographs from our time in NYC, as seen over Valentine’s Day weekend (2009).
The lovely Lady of Liberty stood beautifully on the windy and cold morning we saw her from Battery Park. Venturing across on the ferry would’ve rendered me toe-less and finger-less from the bitter cold.

An interesting view through the bare trees of the city surrounding the oasis in Central Park.

Knights and their shining armor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibits were spectacular, though most of the Museum prohibited photography.
One of my favorite NYC spots, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, across Fifth Avenue from Rockefeller’s Plaza. On this afternoon, services proceeded as usual … beautiful!

St. Paul’s Chapel (also above). Directly beside the Ground Zero site, and survived. Also, according to the sign in this photo, St. Paul’s Chapel is Manhattan’s oldest public building in continuous use (since 1764), survived The Great Fire of 1776, and hosted George Washington on Inauguration Day. An illustrious site, to say the least. And at the time I took these photos, a church service was just beginning.

The World Trade Center former site, or Ground Zero. Sad. I remember eating in the restaurant at the top of the Towers back in 1991.

Me, standing beside the sculpture that had previously stood beside the World Trade Center. It survived 9-11 and now takes this form. Today, it stands in memorium in Battery Park, with the flame (in the lower right of the photo).

Trinity Church. This photograph cannot replicate the sight and sound and feeling found in Trinity Church. The sounds we heard of the warming-up choral ensemble in red will live forever in my memory. The physical and historical beauty are awe-inspiring.

Here, Trinity Church and its beautiful exterior as it faces Wall Street and the NYSE. At that moment, the bells peeled in all glory of song.

The Federal Hall, with foundations entwined with our country’s deepest roots, on Wall Street with George Washington.

The plaque of George Washington mounted to the side of the Federal Hall National Memorial.

Of course, Times Square area.

And last but not least, the tents at Bryant Park (the back side) for New York Fashion Week. The Herve Leger show that went on while we watched apparently had several models take spills on the runway. Swarms of cameras followed celebs in and out of the backstage entrance. Quite interesting. The models looked quite the same as one would expect– six-foot-plus with crazy heels and four-foot-long toothpick legs to match. Nice to watch, but glad it’s not me anymore.

I love being just me, mom, wife, writer, photographer-for-fun, celebrating life.

And I loved our weekend in NYC. Thanks for letting me share some with you. –JK