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February 28: Orderly and Welcoming

Rose Blossom

February 28

Orderly and Welcoming

She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness. (Proverbs 31:27)

Life gets overwhelming sometimes. Toys, fuzz-bunnies, cobwebs, and heaps of junk mail soon clutter our homes when we’re not organized. We need a strategy for clearing clutter and making room for the important things in life.  

Mail and email tend to get out of control when it isn’t tackled immediately. Sometimes it takes undivided attention and discipline to sort out the pile.

Without attention and a few minutes to clean it up, shoes, dishes, bags, and homework create stacks of clutter. Home organization isn’t easy to achieve, but it can be done. It takes everyone to buy in to the places things need to be kept and stored for the next use. It takes willingness to keep a space tidy.

Life gets complicated and messy on busy days in busy families. God does not want us to be overwhelmed. He wants us have an orderly life that makes room for things that really matter. Take time each day to tidy up and create a welcoming home for your hearts.     

Make space for what is most important. 

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