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February 27: Beautiful in Time

Lake Como, Italy

February 27

Beautiful in Time

God has made everything beautiful for its own time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Have you ever set your heart on something and been completely disappointed when your hopes didn’t work out? In most of our lives, disappointments come in large and small sizes every day. The trash man comes early, the car wash isn’t open, or the weather is lousy when we counted on sunshine. The test results come back positive, the kids perform poorly, and loved ones let us down. Life often falls short of our expectations.  

How we handle the unexpected reflects our deepest attitudes. We may close up and shut life out, become depressed, or feel angry. It is easy to be dissatisfied and frustrated when things haven’t gone our way.  

If we realize that the way things are going is for the best—that they will become beautiful in God’s time, not ours—then we can let the disappointments go. 

The things we hope for don’t always come through in the way that we expect, but there is still something to be enjoyed. Even in disappointment, there is joy. 

The joys of each day are fleeting, so we must treasure them before they disappear. We have to release our disappointments to discover the joys.

Treasure today’s joy and beauty.

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