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February 18: On the Right Track

Positano, Italy, from the Path of the Gods

February 18

On the Right Track

He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name. (Psalm 23:3)

I find that trusting God with my life is easy—for about two minutes. Then I get off course and forget the character of the God I trust. Fear sets in and logic doesn’t help. 

We can’t stay on the right path by ourselves. It sounds funny to say that we need to trust God in order to keep trusting him, but it is true. Only God can give us the faith we need when we ask him for it.

We know that we are on God’s path when we check the signposts marking our track. God’s Word is a great road map for daily life. It provides wisdom and knowledge about our Lord.

At times, we naturally become impatient with our progress. We think that we should move faster toward our desired destination. As we grow restless, we look for shortcuts that may speed things up. Unfortunately, shortcuts on God’s path usually slow us down.

Trust that God is leading you along the right path. He will give you the faith and patience you need. Follow him today—the best is yet to come!God leads us along his path.

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