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February 17: Lupine Meadow

Lupine field, Somes Sound, Maine

February 17

Lupine Meadow

He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams. He renews my strength.(Psalm 23:2-3)

One summer, our family vacationed in central Maine’s Acadia National Park. On Mount Desert Island, mountains rise right out of the ocean. There are lush forests, quaint towns, and a scenic lighthouse. As we drove through one town, an eagle flew overhead. We stopped, and I grabbed my camera and set out after him. 

When the eagle disappeared over Somes Sound, something even more majestic captured my attention. At the edge of the sound was a breath-taking field of purple lupine. I stood surrounded by this beauty, enjoying the most peaceful and restful moments of my life. My soul was strengthened and my heart was bursting, as if God had made it just for me.

God knows how to touch our hearts. He gave me a purple lupine meadow. For you, the details will be different, but the feeling will probably be similar: restful, peaceful, enchanting, and laced with love. We don’t have to look for such serene moments; we just have to be open to them. God knows our hearts and will lead us to special places of rest. 

Open your heart to God’s restoration of your body, mind, and spirit.

God restores our strength. 

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