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February 16: Good Fences

Jennifer Lyn painting

February 16

Good Fences

The Lordis my Shepherd; I have all that I need. (Psalm 23:1)

Where else but at a zoo can ordinary city-bound folks experience the near proximity of exotic wild animals? We can enjoy the close presence of magnificent animals such as lions because of a zoo’s good fences. The boundaries are essential for the safety of visitors, animals, and zookeepers. The fences keep large, wild, and potentially harmful animals in, and they keep the spectators from being hurt. Then everyone is free to enjoy their time there.  

In life, good fences also make for joyful adventures. Within the protection of a fence, we know our boundaries and are free to explore, learn, and live fully in safety.  

David, the writer of Psalm 23, says that God is our Shepherd. Like sheep, we need the guidance and protection of God’s boundaries. When we choose to stay with our Shepherd, we have everything that we need, because he knows our needs before we do and loves to provide for us. Just as good fences allow for enjoyable experiences, God’s guidelines and boundaries found in the Bible help us to live within his protection and care. 

Trust God’s care, respect his boundaries, and enjoy the adventure of life. 

God cares for our every need. 

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