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February 9: Chill

Ready to bloom again

February 9


The Lord is compassionate and merciful, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.(Psalm 103:8)

As the sprouting bulbs’ emerge silently from the thawing earth, they bring the color and fragrance of spring. Tulips and daffodils know to bloom when they’ve had their prescribed period of cold weather. Like the pop-up thermometer in the Thanksgiving turkey, God made his beautiful bulbs to push up when they’ve had enough winter.  

God loves and sustains all of creation. He has compassion on the brown bulbs in the cold, and grants them the reprieve of spring, their time to bloom.

Like bulbs, we spend a lot of our lives in less than ideal settings. Pressures from work, relationships, and money turn the heat up. At other times, we feel abandoned, alone, and left out in the cold. 

God’s love is unfailing; he will not abandon us or put us under more pressure than we can bear. God knows that the times of heat and cold allow us to bloom more beautifully. 

God is merciful and compassionate. He cares for the flowers, and he will care much more for you and me. Trust that through it all, you will bloom beautifully in his time.    

Each of us is beautiful in our time.

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