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February 4: Yielding the Right of Way


February 4

Yielding the Right of Way

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. (Ephesians 5:21)

Remember learning to drive? Once sixteen-year-olds have mastered city streets, driver’s education instructors take them to the interstate. The highway is straightforward except for the on-ramp. Entering a highway is difficult even for seasoned drivers since traffic is already traveling full speed and there isn’t always room to merge. It is difficult to yield while still moving forward.

Yielding is an important quality in loving relationships. To yield is to consider someone else’s feelings before we make our own move. The advice in Ephesians 5 for marriage and other relationships is controversial today, but it still applies.  

It isn’t easy to submit. In a marriage, unless we consider our husband’s feelings as well as our own, our relationship will crash. When we yield as a wife to our husband, we build his love and respect toward us. In contrast, if we force our opinions and plow through each day wanting only our own way, our husband’s respect for us will fade. As we merge our lives in various relationships, we yield our own rights to encourage love and prevent relational disaster. 

Today, yield your own rights for the good of another to reach your destination safely.Consider another’s feelings alongside your own.

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