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February 3: Hard-to-Love Neighbors


February 3

Hard-to-Love Neighbors

Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. (Romans 12:10)

Daily life allows us to cross paths with many types of people. Though most of us enjoy being around fun-loving people, we all encounter people who make life much more difficult. Be it the quick-to-judge neighbor with the perfectly manicured lawn or the co-worker engrossed only in bettering her bottom line, certain people offer criticism freely and belittle others with their self-determined perfection. 

Honoring others instead of being quick to criticize is unnatural for humans. However, we can learn to honor others by allowing others to be themselves and by putting ourselves in their shoes before we criticize. If we are not perfect, how can we pass judgment on others?  

With the help of God’s love, we can encourage our children to uncover their God-given interests without forcing our own ideas on them. We can learn to see our neighbors through God’s eyes. God will help us to love our spouses even when they come home late or leave their socks on the floor. Genuine love and honor can replace self-interest and bring delight and joy to each day.

God helps us to love difficult people. 

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