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February 2: Larger Loving

Peony from my garden

February 2

Larger Loving

Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. (Ephesians 5:2)

Some people are easy to love, such as the huggable baby on the television ad who coos and smiles, never has a dirty diaper, and never makes a mess. The perfect people we conjure in our minds are easy to love, but in real life, no one is perfect. 

Sometimes it is hardest to show love to those we really love the most. At work and in our social lives, it is easy to put on a smile and a mask that hides our true selves. When we get home and take the mask off, our true selves show through. Our families often get the raw edges of our hearts, the rough places that we hide in public. 

It is hard to love others on our own. Yet when we are tired, disappointed, frustrated, and harassed, we can draw on God’s love to help us love our families. God’s strength and love are enough, but we have to ask for his help.   

The only way to love others is to receive love from God. Ask God to enlarge your loving heart today!

Grow in love. 

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