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January 31: Rest and Reflection

Northern Italy, reflections along Lake Como

January 31

Rest by the Fire

Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest a while.”(Mark 6:3)

Winter is a time for rest. From bears to butterflies, deciduous trees to summer’s flowers, nature takes a break in the winter. When we sit by the fire, play board games, or read a book, the time taken for reflection refreshes and renews our spirits. When a fire warms our hands and feet, it also warms our souls. Winter rest by the fire is important—we all need to slow down and recharge.      

I am thankful to know that Jesus needed to rest at times. Jesus was fully human, so he needed refreshment, just as we do. He took the disciples aside to refresh and renew their spirits. God also rested from his work of creation to reflect on what he had made.

It is easy for us to keep going without slowing down. Without time to reflect on where we’ve been or evaluate where we are headed, we easily lose perspective. Our lives are much more effective when we take time for recreation and reflection.

This winter, sit by the fire and enjoy the rest.

Take time for rest.

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