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Live Simply, Live Well

Simple Beauty

Live simply, live well. -the sign that hangs above my kitchen sink

Simple Beauty
Simple Beauty

Have you ever noticed how children seem to love things that are not “toys”? You know … the pans and spoons a toddler chooses over the latest singing gizmo that cost $29.99. Or my boys’ favorite when they were younger– measuring cups and a sink full of water, instead of the pricey toys that lay at their feet. Most of all, I always marvel at how people of all ages can spend an entire day happy and entertained on a beach covered with sand. It’s the simplest things that sometimes are the best.

One year, on vacation at a Florida Panhandle beach, I noticed a sign propped against a window at a beach shop. It said, “Live simply, Live well.” And in the center, a bucket and shovels are painted as sitting in sand. Though we didn’t have any spare money, I scraped enough together to buy it, because it was one of those things that I couldn’t leave the beach without.

Since then, it has served as a favorite reminder for me in this always complicated world. Simple is better for living well.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite sign hanging in your home as a reminder of what is important? What does it say?

4 thoughts on “Live Simply, Live Well

  1. Jennifer,

    Thanks for this reminder. It is sometimes so hard to remember to simplify. We have a frame with a picture of the boys at the beach that says, “Life is a journey, not a destination”. I love this reminder that the joy is in the journey and that if we are always trying to “get there”, we will often be disappointed. While it is important to have goals and markers to head for, life often takes us on detours and we have to be willing to pull out a different map and follow it where it takes us. Focusing only on the destination causes us to sometimes miss the scenery and beauty along the way.
    Have a wonderful day my friend.

    1. So so so beautifully said, Regan. Thank you for sharing. And it’s true, the journey is usually different than we thought, but adds beauty along the way.
      Enjoy your day, and hugs to your boys!
      Love, Jennifer

  2. We all need reminding of such wisdom from time to time. Jennifer, thanks for sharing a very beautiful, simple saying.

    I have a small sign in my kitchen that I bought many years ago, when I was a busy graduate student. It reminds me, “Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road.” It served me well, during those days when I was juggling so many responsibilities. Even though my life has changed in many ways from what it was in those days, I find there are still times in my life when I need reminding of the wisdom of the sign. Thus, it’s continued to hang on my kitchen wall, though it’s a bit faded after so many years.

    1. Hi Paula,

      Thank you– and thank you for sharing about your kitchen reminder. I love the “faded” part. There is always something about a saying that has weathered years of our lives.

      Beautiful! Thank you!


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